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After the Zick-Zack to spread the field and the usual turnpoint at Führenalp, the task did lead to the titlis-side again. After this, all came back to the thermal at Brunni, because of the shadow at the other side. Then "Melchtal" - Niederbauen - Pilatus and Goal at a turnpoint above Grafenort. This turnpoint has been choosen as Goal to leave the freedom where to land (at Engelberg rain has been expected early).

Shadow did make the hole day difficult. Many pilots did not make it today, and because of some rain we had to stop the race just before Michael Maurer and Stephan Wyss reached Goal.

Task: Brunni - Station Trübsee - Oberbauenstock - Station Trübsee - Surenenpass - Titlis - Wandelen - Oberbauenstock - Stanserhorn - Zielboje Brunniswald

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