Wonderfull 100km-task to Surenenpass to Brienzer Rothorn to Titlis to Dallenwil and final with the normal Trübsee - Führenalp - Goal section.
Cloud base at 3600m (probably it has been higher later in the afternoon), good thermals (above 2000m - at Brienz it has been as normal pretty stable), only week winds from SW (10kn at 3000, remakable only at Meiringen) and late cirrus.
The leading gaggle went after the Surenenpass straight line in to the east face of Titlis, almost without turning all the way to Gadmen. Planplatte was working perfektly and even the Brünig has been a pleasure to cross both ways. Only the pilots low had to fight with the invergency from the valley brises and the lakes... (normal...).
Final section has been interesting again. Winning today Steph Morgenthaler ahead of Alfredo Studer and Chrigel Maurer. Female winner is Emanuelle Zufferey, Sports Class - as usual - Philippe Steinger.

In the overall ranking, Chrigel Maurer, Steph Morgenthaler and Alfredo Studer are only a veiw points from each other. The outcome is completely open. The same for the leading womans Emanuelle Zufferey and Nanda Walliser. Author: Martin Scheel

Provisorische Ranglisten
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